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This page is presented as a resource for Tandem Marketing visitors, who might be searching for products or services related to their business, to help improve online productivity and efficiencies, to find supporting materials and services for their operations, to discover alternative income opportunities or other resources to use in daily living.

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Water Crystals Absorb and Store Water.

Use these water-absorbing polymers to hydrate virtually all kinds of plants, including those you grow in your office, home garden and in containers. You can skip watering for weeks, and your plants will be fine, drinking from tiny reservoirs in the container's soil. Water Crystals are used  extensively to make neck coolers, cool ties, pads, hot/cold packs, plus a range of proprietary products. Water Crystals WebStore

Analyze Your Web Logs—Cost-Effectively.

A feature rich web server log analyzer highlights critical information about your site's visitors, activity statistics, file access statistics, paths through the site, information about referring pages, search engines, browsers, operating systems, errors, and more.

It's a powerful program at a very reasonable price. It's called WebLog Expert. Try it or buy it (this link takes you to an order page to purchase the software). Or, just learn more. Worth a look if you really want to understand what's going on with your site visitors, way more than trying to decipher Google Analytics!

Project Payday Brings in Extra Income When You Need It

1,000s of people across North America have used the step-by-step Project Payday system to make the extra income they need, working online and in their spare or even full time.

Sign up and get started right now at no cost to you. Project Payday's "QuickStart" Training Guide is approximately 65 printed pages, but you'll only need to read the first 17 pages to start making money today.

If you follow the simple steps in Project Payday's Fast First Fifty program and don't make $50, the company will pay you $100. Check it out.


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